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NOV 29

 Born of Him Ministries

  posted by Dennis on November 29, 2011 17:20 as General

Through reading the Bible, God convicted me that I wasn't saved. This happened in 2007. Then God convicted me in the first part of 2009 that I needed to share my faith with others. Carla MacLachlan (author of Parenting Moment by Moment) loaned me the first two seasons of Way of the Master. After watching the second show of season 1, I bought some tracts. I started leaving those with tips to waitresses. Then God convicted me to hand them to people directly. Shortly, after that He convicted me to open my mouth and talk to people. 

Later that summer I went through the School of Biblical Evangelism. God was convicting me to get up on the box and to go out to do evangelism. So on Black Friday I went out by myself to hand out gospel tracts. I had a field day at Target. So much so that I ...

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NOV 26

 Why Should I Become a Christian?

  posted by Dennis on November 26, 2011 14:27 as General

Some of us with Born of Him Ministries witnessed at the atheist convention in Springfield last weekend. We handed out Gospel tracts and some people refused them, some handed them back to us and others tore them up.  We also got into some good one on one conversations. 

Steve talked to one gentleman (with many others around listening and joining in) for about an hour and they had a very good conversation. This young man video taped the atheist's event and he interviewed a bunch of atheists and asked them what they were thankful for. He asked Steve this same question and they put Steve's interview (where he shared the Gospel) in the video! 

I talked to a young man who broke my heart. He said he used to not only be a Christian, but that he was a former pastor as well. He said he lost his faith and his goal is ...

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NOV 22

 Atheists: Why Are We Here?

  posted by Dennis on November 22, 2011 18:40 as General

Atheists, why are we here? What is the purpose of life? Why are you on this earth? Are you a waste of space? Letís say you live a normal life expectancy, or even beyond, say to 80, 85 years. What good does that do you? Will your life make a difference? Are you just here to eat, drink and be merry?

I actually feel sorry for people who donít believe in God. Life is hard. If this painful life was all there was, it would be really sad. If there was no hope of anything else, why wouldnít you just do what you wanted? Drink yourself into a stupor all the time. See something you want, just take it. Rape, pillage and murder at will? If there is no God, why donít you live your life like thereís no tomorrow?

Most people donít live that way. Why is ...

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NOV 19

 Casual Christian

  posted by Dennis on November 19, 2011 18:42 as General

Have you ever heard of a casual Christian? I don't know the exact definition of a casual Christian, but I'd say a casual Christian is someone who goes to church on Sunday and then doesn't think about God at all until the next Sunday. They may believe in God and are probably a "good person" according to our standards. They may even sit next to you each Sunday at church.

As a former false convert, I guess you could say I was a casual Christian. You see, the bottom line is that I wasn't really a Christian at all. Casual Christians go through the motions. They know the Gospel, the truth. But they have never really accepted it for themselves on a personal level. The sad thing is, they probably think they are a Christian and they probably think that they are already saved (I thought so for 33 years).

A.W. Tozer ...

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NOV 15


  posted by Dennis on November 15, 2011 20:10 as General

I know this is a strange time of the year to talk about life guards and nearly drowning, but I was just thinking about a vacation my family and I went on about eight years ago. We took the kids to Disneyland and had several other fun things planned, but all they wanted to do was go to the beach. I'm not the smartest guy in the world, but I finally realized that it was stupid to spend hundreds of dollars every day going to cool places and seeing new things if the kids didn't really want to go (and yes I'm a tight wad). So we spent the rest of the trip going to the beach.

One day my youngest son Dylan (who was 11 years old at the time) and I were swimming in the ocean. Before I knew it, we were too far away from the beach and ...

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