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APR 24

 Highway to Hell

  posted by Dennis on April 24, 2010 14:10 as General

Have you ever driven on the wrong road?  If you've ever driven a car at all you have probably taken a wrong turn before.  How did you handle your mistake?  Did you worry about it?  Or did you just laugh  it off as no big deal?
A while back some friends and I were witnessing outside of a concert before it started.  A buddy and I were witnessing to a young man in particular who was outside smoking a cigarette.  My friend was asking the smoker a few questions.  When the young man was asked if he thought he'd go to Heaven or Hell when he died he just took a big drag on the cigarette, exhaled, smiled real big and said that he knew where he was going and said that he was alright with that.
So I point blank asked him if he thought he was going to Hell.  He said that he was on the road to Hell and that it didn't bother him.  He told us that he was a preacher's kid, so I said you must have heard the Bible verse where Jesus described Hell as a place where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth (Matt. 13:42).  I asked him if he'd ever had a pain so bad that he couldn't stand it, that it hurt so bad that he gritted his teeth.  
The young man then put his cigarette out and said that he had to go.  So my question is why are so many people on the highway to Hell and they just laugh about it?  Jesus spoke many times about Hell and He never described it as being fun, or one big party with your friends.  Jesus told the stark, harsh truth about Hell.  He didn't hold back on warning against it.
If you are currently on the highway to Hell, don't laugh and joke about it and think that it doesn't matter.  It matters greatly and you will have all of eternity to regret it. 
Please read your Bible and get right with God today.  Jesus said strait (narrow) is the gate and narrow is the way, that leads to life (Matt. 7:14).  It's easy to laugh and enjoy your sins all the way to Hell.  But it is more difficult to change course and take the hard road to Heaven (it's hard because you have to swallow your pride and acknowledge that you need help, you can't save yourself) .  You do this by repenting (turning away) from your sins and asking Jesus to be your Lord and your Savior.  The reason the road to Heaven is more difficult is because you have to deny your own selfish desires and follow Jesus, surrender completely to His will.

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